Wetterhoun a dog with character!

The Wetterhoun is one of two Frisian Hunting dog breeds, the other one is Stabijhoun.
In several aspects the Wetterhoun is an unique breed. 
At first the Wetterhoun shows practically no similarity with any other dog breed in the world. 

The stiff astrakhan coat with protecting greasy sub coat, the "grisly" look, the sturdy wide head and typical spiral tail make this breed so unique! 
The ideal size for male dogs is 59 cm and for bitches 55 cm. There is no limit registered. 

The Wetterhoun (Frisian word for waterdog) was used in the early ages for hunting otter and polecat. These two kinds of animal wouldn't be caught without struggle. 
A well-trained Wetterhoun was not afraid to hunt and handle these animals and most of the wetter of today  is not "scared-one".
Besides his stable attitude, the Wetterhoun has a sensitive nature, which makes him strongly attached to his home members.
Against strangers he is a lot more reserved but certainly not aggressive. The Wetterhoun is an excellent guardian dog. Totally.......an ideal farm dog!

To better understand the character of a Wetterhoun we must take a good look to the way he was selected for hunting. The Wetterhoun is hunting close to the hunter comparing most spaniels. It's not a pointing dog but it's sure a good retriever and "tenacious seeker".
His curly, greasy coat protect him against the most severe circumstances. 
The Wetterhoun can stand rough handling which he comes across during a hard days work. Dense reed borders, close overgrowth and even bramble is no obstacles for a real Wetterhoun.

A Wetterhoun is doing best when he gets enough movements, a few long walks a day are necessary and sometimes a good swim is ideal. Possibly because off his nature to stay close to the hunter, he is an easy dog to walk with. He mostly (you also have to learn it as all dogs) doesn't run away and will keep in touch with his owner. This is also a reason why the Wetterhoun is a good farm dog, he has no need to wander around. 
When he gets his space he is an ideal family dog.

His calm and reliable character will be shown best when he has a calm, and somehow laconic owner. :-)
A consistent owner is desirable because of the Wetterhoun self willing nature.

And because of this..............a Wetterhoun is a dog with character and a very good companion!

Breedingstandard with photos. From the homepage of Kennel van de Kapelberg.


Below some photos from some different Wetterhoun!


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