To buy a puppy by from Kennel Cirtap's !

If you are interested in buying a puppy from us, we want you to visit us first. 
This is because we like you to get to know us and of course the opposite, but also for you to get to know our grown up dogs. 

In very special occasion it might be possible to just pick up the puppy at our house but before that we need to have a lots of communication!

The Kooikerhondje is not as easy to raise as it appears. One has to be firm and consistent. To "have a thumb in the eye" is an expression we use here in the west of Sweden, that fits well in this context. But you should not forget to give a lots of love and affection at the same time. 
If you are into so called liberal raising, you should definitely choose another breed.

From the time of the birth of the puppies they live in our house together with the family. This means that we have a close contact all the time. They get used to all the sounds and activities that normally takes place in a home, they also get a natural training in socialising with our other dogs and cats. 
We usually allow visits from the time when the puppies are 3½-4 weeks old.

A good start and base for the dog makes everything easier in your future life together. We believe that you must have a lot of time for the puppy/young dog. 

A puppy training course followed by some kind of beginners course led by a dog training school is a good start for you.


Socialising and training for different environments is also necessary, especially since the Kooiker is somewhat reserved towards unknown people.

We put demands on you as puppybuyers, in order for you to succeed with your dog. We are always there
for you if you need support or help throughout the dog's life. It is also important that we maintain a
good communication when the puppy leaves us and moves to you.

Finally we hope that those of you who are still interested in buying a puppy from us at Kennel Cirtap's
contact us.

If you like to read more about the breed look at the homepage from the 
Swedish and Dutch Kooikerhondjeclub!

When you buy a puppy from us you get:
  • A folder that contains:
  • registration certificate
  • vaccination certificate / or EU passport
  • purchase agreement
  • veterinary examination certificate not older then 7 days
  • food advice
  • general advice
  • Your puppy is
  • chipped and has got his own chip number
  • vaccinated against HCC/parvo/kennel cough/and distemper
  • dewormed several times with Milbemax
  • insured against hidden faults for 3 years
  • A "puppybox" that contains:
  • a leash and necklase
  • bowl for food
  • 5 kg puppyfood 
  • a blanket for the dogbed
  • a fleeceblanket to use in the car or flight
  • some toys for playing and biting
  • "black bags"
  • "vanilla bone"
  • Farm Foods rawhide bone
  • toothbrush
  • reflected vest


  • puppy / summermeetings
  • "mini" meetings during the year with different activities


  • a Kooiker meeting in September in the south of Norway



  • help and support with questions and other things during the dogs life

There are more to read on the Swedish pages :-)


Page updated 2013-01-01