Kennel Cirtap's

is situated outside Örby, a beautiful place in the countryside, about 75 km southeast of Gothenburg, Sweden.

 I, Birgitta Lindblad, are breeding Kooikerhondje and Wetterhoun together with help 
of my husband Thomas. 
Both Thomas and I are very  amused in animals and both of us have had dogs since we where children. 
When Thomas and I met in 1974 I had a "mix"  between Smålandstövare/Tax "Kickan"


At that time I was working at a veterinary hospital in Borås and it was there I found Kickan 4½ months old. The first owner liked to put her into sleep because she wasn't "clean" during the night. But I loved her from the first look :-)

Our first dog together, who we bought 1976, was an English setter and her name was "Fandy" .

During the years we had several breeds for ex. Estral Mountain Dog "Asino"

Hovawart "Erik"


and Australian Cattle Dog "Ada"

With Ada I went to a lot of obedience competitions and she was Champion in Obedience, we also competed in the Swedish Obedience Championship in Piteå 1992 with good result.

Between 1988-1996 I was helping  and I had a lot of courses in obedience from puppielevel to competitionlevels.
But as always you have to choose and our priority was our own dogs and our Kennel.

Me ( and Thomas of course) was in the group that started SVENSKA KOOIKERKLUBBEN 1997 in Spakarp and I was the vice chairman during several years.
After that I have been in the Breedercom in many years.
Thomas was the one that started the "Blood tracking" courses in SKooi.

Now neither Thomas or I are working in the Club any more. 
Our kennel and our own meetings and courses takes all the time we have and we prefer that :-)

The Cirtap's Kennel started 1994 and than it was with English Springer Spaniel.
After a traffic accident, which gave me a wiplash, we had to stop breeding ESS because cutting them was to difficult. 

We are now breeding  Kooikerhondje and also Wetterhoun.
Before we were also breeding 
Norwegian Forest Cats and Somali under  the name S*Cirtap´s.  
Hopefully we will go on with a new breed for Sweden, Chartreux but that will the future show us.

From the beginning of 2006 we have a Wetterhoun, Ruffa, in our house and she is a very nice and new knowledge and she had her first litter here 2011!
From that litter we kept Mexi and Tundra.

The objective of our breeding is of course to breed mentally nice, healthy and "typical" dogs that you can use for a lot of different things like, agility , showing, bloodtracking and so on.
 We follow the rules from VHNK, the Kooikerclub in  the Netherlands and Svenska Kooikerhondjeklubben SKooi, 
that says that all breedingdogs shall be tested DNA free from vWd and DNA tested for ENM before the mating !
We also check the dogs with respect to patella, eyes and hips!

We also follow the rules from NVSW, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Stabij-en Wetterhounen and do the tests they recommend.

We are members in 
Svenska Kennelklubben SKK

Svenska Kooikerhondjeklubben SKooi, 
Vereniging Het Nederlandse Kooikerhondje VHNK, 
Norska Kooikerklubben,
 Kooikerhondje Club of Great Britain
Kooiker Society of America

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Stabij-en Wetterhounen NVSW,

Nederlandse Markiesjes Vereniging.

We cooperate with breeders from other countries as
The Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, USA and of course Sweden.
 We try to do the best for the breed and for the future genetic base.

If you would like to keep in touch, you are welcome to phone us:  
home +46 (0)320 46012, 
mobile +46 (0)70 373 99 17 
( the mobile has bad contact at home )
or send an 
e-mail: cirtaps(at)

If you don't hear anything within 1 week please try again, sometimes the mail disappears in the air.....

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