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Congratulations to Ida and  Cirtap’s Q-K Hertogin "Qena" v Wolk that has been at a show in Letohallen , 29/12 and there Qena became 
BOB puppy and after that BIG-3!

Dommer kritikken: 
Tispe med meget god type og helhet.
Feminint hode og uttrykk. Vakre øyne. Velplasserte ører. Utmerket hals og rygglinje. Velvinklet.
Velkroppet. Velgående med godt driv. God pels og farge. Trivelig temperament. Velvist



Now Rodja and Peppe got their puppies!
2 males and 1 female!

Soon there will be more photos!

A beautiful Christmas card from our first born Somalicat Cirtap's Agnes O'Brien. Just today she is 10 years old!

Still going strong and still hunting nearly everything, according to one of her owner 
Eva :-))

Ruffa vd Kapelberg our Wetterhoun was at the show Stora Stockholm yesterday 15/12 and became 
and got CAC, CACIB and the title 
Nordic Winner-2007 :-)







.......also a big Congratulation 
to "our little Kooikergirl"
Cirtap's J-G Prinses Leopoldina "Kelly"
that also was there and became BOS and CACIB and the title Nordic Winner-2007


Manusia' Limbo got 1 HP with his breedergroup at the show in Stockholm and was in the finalring with 4 of his nice sons/daughters!


Once again a big CONGRATULATION

to Helene and 
Cirtap’s Meneer C-O "Tico" v Linge

that became 

Best of breed with CAC and CACIB and the titel Norwegian Winner-07 in Vikingskipet in Hamar 24/11.

A new import to our kennel!

Welcome to Sweden
Manusia's Mervin!

Mervin will stay by 
Fam. Pettersson in Ekeby in Skåne.

Mervin owns together with Katarina Hall Kennel Fagaya's

Congratulations to

Helene and 
Cirtap’s Meneer C-O "Tico" v Linge that on his first competition in obedience class 2 got 172 points and now he is ready for class 3! 

and Congratulations to

Katarina and 
Cirtap's Miss RR Mount Tacoma "Lisa" that was winning 
Fokkersklass  on VHNKs Clubshow in Holland 11/11. 


Now Jorrie and Maksi got their puppies!

It's 1 female and 4 males!



There are several ways of socialisation! Here is Luisa! :-))


On the show in Kongsvinger 6/10  
was in the showring again after 5½ years :-)
She became Best bitch, Best Veteran and  BOS
Only her son "Gatsby" beat her and became BOB!
Here together with Jan-Fredrik!

Titon was at the same show and he became 2nd best male and got the CAC and now he has the title
On Sunday he became 3rd in his class in agility!

We also like to Congratulate 
 "Mitra" and her owner Ida,
they made the aptitude test in bloodtracking the same day and succeeded! 


Ruffa was also there and became BOB and got her first CACIB and CAC
 in Norway!

Congratulations also to OTTO that has been at a show in Sundsvall 7/10 with Marie and  there he became
BOB with CACIB and CAC!

Now has some of Qeras puppies been at their first show, from left  Qena, Tessa och Roxy!

Congratulations to
Cirtap’s Q-K Hertogin Qena v Wolk that became best puppy among the bitches and in the end  BOS-puppy!


On the Danish Kooikerclubs Show in Langeskov 18/8 our NICO got his  danish CAC and he is now also 

This is his 7th showchampion title!

On the same show
Qunack's Favor Unique Update "Unika" became
BOB puppy 6-9 month! 


And Cirtap's Miss RMT Roda 
( mother to Nico and Gatsby ) became first Best seniorbitch and later also BOB senior!


On the Swedish Clubshow the same day in Degeberga our kennel had also great success, 

Cirtap’s JJ Prins Molle v Limburg

became Best of Breed and at the same time he became 
Swedish Showchampion!


Cirtap's Mr NL Brann "Bamse" 
Best male Veteran!


Cirtap’s Prinses J-K Minna v Ijssel 
became 2nd best bitch in a big competition

Cirtap’s Q-K Hertogin Tosca v Wolk 

Best Puppy 4-6 month!


Unfortunately no one seems to have taken any photos from the winning group!

Our kennel was also winning the competition 
Best Breeder with HP 
for the 5th time in line :-))



Nellie and Bamse 
became ? best couple
 the handler is Anders Kleist!

Åse o Jan-Fredrik 


Cirtap’s RK Graaf
v Salland
that now has become 

This he became with 3 NKK CAC!

He is now also qualified for Cruft 2008.

Cirtap’s Meneer W-K 
v Brabant 

Has once again been on a show in Västerås and now he got his 2nd CAC and he also became BOB!


Mallorca a lovely place for Ruffe ........


and his family...... 



Cirtap's Mr
RR Zomerschoon “Titon”
became once again winner in Tvååker and became BOB!

Congratulations to Lena and Titon, you work exellent together!

A happy Kira together with her and Limbos  puppies. 
1 male and 5 female!

Soon more photos!

Ruffa became 
in Holland 28/4!!!!

First best juniorbitch.....

and than best bitch here together with the judge, F. Loch-Romans......

There are more under Dogs/Ruffa.

.....and in the end she became BOB here with the chairman of the NVSW.....

....and here with the finaljudge that gave her BOB, W.F.Arxhoek


Cirtaps' Meneer C-O 
"Tico" v Linge 

became nr 3 on his first obedience competition and got 183p !

Congratulations and good luck in the future!

Cirtap’s Graaf R-L 
"Leo" van Lek

became BOB puppy on his first puppyshow and after that also BIG-4!


Cirtap’s Graaf R-L 
"Milton" van Lek 

was also on a puppyshow in Smålandsstenar and became BOB puppy  and also BIG-5!
Here on the photo together 
with his "boss"" :-)


Now Qera and Knüt has got their puppies.

There are 5 females and 1 male

There are more photos under litters!

Now Tessa has got her puppies.

She got 2 males and 2 females!

Welcome to Sweden!

Qunack's Favor Unique Update 
we will call her

And a lots of THANKS 
to Astrid and Anne-Marie that helped 
me bringing her to Sweden!

Congratulations to

Cirtap’s Meneer C-O 
v Linge
that has been on 2 shows with great success

BOB and CAC both days! 


Now Vira has got her puppies! 
She got 2 of each sex!

Now there are photos under litters

Now our Tessa has been in Holland and she is mated. 
More under Planning litters!

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